Panasonic TX55HZ1000B OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV


The OLED TV is a self-illuminating system that individually regulates 8 million pixels.

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The Panasonic TX55HZ100B OLED TV has been calibrated and used by Hollywood studios to deliver the picture quality filmmakers demand, Cutting-edge HCX Pro Intelligent Processor combined with 3D colour management, and next-generation OLED screen produces a professional picture performance that you can enjoy at home.

HCX Pro Intelligent Processor

Many decades of TV technological know-how, and a long collaboration with Hollywood, has been captured in our HCX* Pro Intelligent Processor. It’s the powerful brain inside the TX55HZ100B TV, It instantly analyses the picture, adjusts the colour, contrast and clarity to deliver the best possible performance. *Hollywood Cinema eXperience


Our Master HDR OLED screens are able to produce deeper silky blacks, for a more cinematic feel, than before. Thanks to many decades crafting high-quality pictures, and input from a leading Hollywood colourist, our TVs with these screens truly deliver.

Dolby Vision IQ

Dolby Vision IQ literally adds a new dimension to viewing HDR thanks to the advanced ambient light sensor in the Panasonic TX55Z1000B. Whether your living room is completely dark or brightly lit, the HDR picture is dynamically perfected for the best colour and contrast.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos® found in the newest cinemas and in the Panasonic TX55HZ1000B TV expresses sound with astonishing clarity, richness and depth. Sound effects are precisely placed in virtual space and time to envelop you in the atmosphere.

Netflix Calibrated Mode

Netflix Calibrated mode applies to the entire Netflix catalogue including TV series, documentaries, films and more. For instance, now it’s easier than ever for fans of Stranger Things to experience the murky details of the Upside Down exactly the way the creators designed it.

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